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    When Cas loses and regains his powers, he calls Dean first.

    I love how he’s clean when he lost his grace. He had done nothing wrong, and Metatron was completely at fault.

    But getting a grace back? He murdered someone for that. 

    but imagine these two phone calls taking place within 5-10 minutes or so

    "Metatron, he took my grace. Oh hey, my sister Hael is here. Dean, I’m gonna put you on hold…" *violent noises heard in distance* *phone is picked back up* "I got my grace back"

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    blueeyedcas asked: prompt: one finds the other person’s wallet on the street and goes on a quest to give it back au (i saw this I just really need it to happen, okay??? plus I would love you forever and ever and ever!!!)

    Author’s note: This was such a cute prompt, I couldn’t resist…

    Dean Winchester was not having one of his best days. More correctly; this day could easily make the top ten of his worst days. As he patiently waited for the bored-looking guy at the checkout to scan his groceries, he replayed all of today’s events in his mind…

    How he’d been late at the office this morning, because his freaking car had refused to start at first. How he’d accidently bumped into his colleague Meg Masters when he’d gotten out of the elevator, meaning that she had spilled her coffee all over Dean’s white button up shirt. How his computer at work had suddenly been hit by a virus, meaning that the report that he’d been working on for three days was gone forever. And yeah, maybe he should’ve made a back-up, but the fact that he had forgotten to do so didn’t help to make him any less cranky.

    And now that this horrible day at work had finally come to an end, Dean had decided to pay a visit to the grocery store to buy something for dinner that was quick, easy, and microwaved, because he had no energy left to cook.

    “That’ll be 13,95, sir.

    Dean blinked, snapping out of his thoughts and mechanically handing over some money. He did attempt to smile at the grumpy cashier, just to be friendly, but aforementioned cashier merely grimaced at Dean in return. Awesome. Apparently even his charm wasn’t working today.

    When Dean stepped out of the store after collecting his groceries in a bag that was surely going to fall apart or some shit before he’d even manage to get home, his eyes fell on a small object that he’d nearly stepped on. It was a simple, black wallet. Dean put down the bag and picked it up, sighing tiredly. Wonderful. Now he’d have to go back inside again to hand it over to the store’s lost and found section.

    Dean opened the wallet first, to see if anything was even in it, because otherwise it surely wouldn’t be worth the effort…

    There wasn’t much, but Dean did find seventy bucks and a few bank cards. He sighed, now feeling obligated to turn it in… He was about to do just that, when he noticed another card. It was a library card. There was no address, only a client number, but there was a name. Castiel Novak. Definitely not the most common name…

    And then Dean’s eyes fell on the picture. And holy crap, if that wasn’t one of the most attractive guys that Dean had ever laid eyes on. Bright blue eyes stared at him, their color remarkable and captivating, even though it was a rather low-quality picture. Those eyes were accompanied by a strong jaw and high cheekbones, and hair that could only be described as ‘sex hair’.

    Dean grinned, despite the absolutely shitty day he’d had.

    “Well hello there, gorgeous.” He mumbled before quietly whistling through his teeth.

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    Anonymous asked: so how about a high school au where dean & cas have been best friends since they were little & are crushing on each other hard. So one night they’re having a sleepover & they’ve always done this thing where they draw out letters on each others backs and try to guess what the other is writing. So whichever is the one drawing thinks the other has fallen asleep so they spell out “i love you” on their back but ofc theyre actually awake & fluff ensues :)

    Author’s note: It’s so fluffy you’re gonna scream. Hopefully in a good way. ;) 

    Castiel couldn’t sleep. He’d been tossing and turning for what felt like hours now, but he was still wide awake. Castiel’s bed was comfortable enough, that wasn’t the issue here. It was his troubled mind that was keeping him from sleep, and the beautiful boy sleeping beside Castiel was an essential part of the aforementioned trouble…

    Dean and Castiel had often shared a bed during sleepovers ever since they were six years old, and even though they were sixteen now, neither of them saw the harm in still doing it. They were both used to it, and it wasn’t like Castiel’s best friend was a restless sleeper, or that Dean was in general a difficult person to share a bed with… It were Castiel’s own thoughts about his friend that were causing this insomnia.

    An annoyed puff of breath fell from Castiel’s lips as he turned on his left side for the millionth time, facing Dean. Dean was sleeping on his stomach, hands holding on to the pillow, his cheek pressed into the smooth, blue fabric. His face was angled towards Castiel, and it was so tempting to just stare at that glorious face forever and ever.

    The cute freckled nose and cheeks, the light brown hair that looked soft and fluffy without the usual amount of gel that Dean normally used to make sure that it stayed in place, and the slight smile that graced Dean’s plump lips even now that he was fast asleep.

    Castiel sighed longingly. He hadn’t asked for this; to fall in love with his best friend. He’d seen more than enough of life to know how this would end… They would grow up, Dean would find a girl, marry her, and move on with his life. As he was supposed to.

    Despite that knowledge, Castiel couldn’t imagine life without Dean. Couldn’t imagine that one day soon, it would be the last time they’d be together like this, so close yet so far away.

    Dean mumbled something unintelligible in his sleep, and Castiel was hit by another wave of longing. It would be so easy to reach out and touch Dean. Castiel desperately wanted to run his fingers through that adorable hair that looked oh so inviting, but he knew he had no right.

    It was a rather warm night, and the sheets were pooling around Dean’s waist, so that the smooth curve of his back was prettily exposed to Castiel, the thin fabric of Dean’s grey shirt making it easy for Castiel to imagine what was hiding underneath.

    It reminded Castiel of a guessing game that the two of them used to play back when they were younger… One would write a word or a sentence on the other’s back by tracing the letters with a single finger, and the other would try to guess what was being written.

    Castiel fondly smiled at the memory, then froze when he realized that he’d subconsciously reached out to Dean, his fingertips lightly grazing Dean’s upper back. A quick glance at Dean’s face told Castiel that Dean was still very much asleep, and he breathed in relief, letting his hand linger on Dean’s shoulder blade, even though he knew he should withdraw it…

    Back in the day, they would write words like their favorite movies, or people they knew, or places they liked to go. But as it was, Castiel could only think of three simple words that he truly wanted to write to Dean…

    Dean was by no means a light sleeper, and so Castiel went for it. He wrote the only words he’d ever want to tell Dean, even though he knew he never actually would be able to gather the courage to do it while Dean was awake. The only words that mattered. The words that he would never dare to speak out loud, not even if he lived to be a hundred years.

    He slowly traced the letters I L O V E Y O U, over and over again, his fingers moving automatically, as if they’d already memorized the familiar path.

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    Anonymous asked: Dean and Cas, best friends since they were 5 years old, are going on a camping trip to celebrate graduating high school. Cas has to share a tent with Dean ‘cause it starts raining and it turns out his tent has a hole. (his older brother Gabriel made the hole because he’s sick of the two of them pining for each other) Maybe a bit of mild smut ensues? Or can be fluff with sexual tension, too.

    Author’s note: Mostly fluff, implied sexual activities, but nothing explicit. 

    The rain was pounding roughly against the canvas of Dean’s tent; not exactly the ideal weather for a camping trip, but it bothered him less than it should. After all, he had plenty of awesome things to look forward to, and a little bit of rain was not going to get in the way of his good mood.

    Dean had officially graduated a few days ago, and ahead of him now was a long summer vacation, which he got to spend with his best friend. Speaking of that best friend; Dean wondered if Castiel was still awake as well…

    The only regret Dean was having at the moment, was that the two of them had gotten separate tents for their little adventure. Castiel had insisted that he didn’t want to invade Dean’s personal space, but deep down, Dean was all for Cas invading it.

    For someone who despised chick flicks, Dean sure was doing one hell of a job at being smack in the middle of one; he had been crushing on his best friend for ages now, but he didn’t want to risk their friendship, and so he’d kept it to himself. Still, that didn’t stop Dean from feeling all warm and fuzzy inside whenever Castiel was close to him, or whenever Cas smiled at him. That smile alone could bring world peace and cure every disease possible, if you asked Dean…

    The sudden sound of the zipper of Dean’s tent startled him, effectively chasing away all of those forbidden thoughts about his best friend. That was until Cas’ disgruntled face poked through the opening, his dark hair dripping wet.

    “Dean! I don’t mean to bother you, but it appears that there’s a hole in the roof of my tent… Everything is soaked… My pillow, my sleeping bag, me…” Cas paused, giving Dean a pleading look.

    Dean snapped out of his trance, realizing that it was still freaking pouring outside, and he got up into a sitting position and hastily motioned for Cas to get inside.

    “Dude, come on in! You don’t have to ask! You’re gonna freeze out there.” Dean said, scooting to the side of the tent to make room for Castiel.

    The tent technically wasn’t made for two people, but it was manageable, and Castiel climbed inside with a grateful sigh. Dean securely zipped the tent back up once Castiel was in, then turned on the flashlight to check out the damage.

    Cas hadn’t been exaggerating; he looked like he’d just gone for a swim with his pajamas still on. His sad blue eyes were staring at Dean, a pout forming around the lips that Dean had fantasized about more than once.

    Dean sighed, knowing that his next idea was not one of his better ones, but it was the only one his brain provided him with. “You’re gonna get a cold, buddy. You’d better get out of those wet clothes, you can borrow one of my shirts to wear.”

    Castiel nodded without saying a word, and Dean quickly averted his gaze, instead turning to his duffle bag to search for a shirt. Dean tried so hard not to think about Cas stripping right beside him. He tried so hard not to think about what it would be like, seeing Cas while he was wearing one of Dean’s shirts. This was the kind of stuff that was usually reserved for Dean’s dreams and secret fantasies, but this time, Dean knew that he was very much awake.

    He found a simple shirt for Cas to put on, and he passed it to his friend while deliberately not looking in Castiel’s direction.

    “Thank you, Dean.” Cas quietly said.

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    Anonymous asked: please write some cas/dean autumn fluff? au or not I don’t care :)

    Author’s note: It’s so fluffy, your teeth will rot. Also, my babbling about rakes last night will make so much more sense now. 

    Dean Winchester loathes autumn. He loathes how the days get shorter, and how the sun shines a little less bright. He hates how it gets colder outside, and he despises how it often rains once the days of summer are gone. And most of all, he detests all of those bright colored leaves, because his mother Mary for some reason has decided that it is Dean’s duty to rake those offensive leaves to make sure that both their front yard and the driveway stay clean.

    Like any normal sixteen year old boy, with this kind of weather Dean would very much prefer staying inside to play video games, thank you very much…

    It’s a chilly Saturday afternoon, mid-October, and Dean finds himself amidst a sea of orange, red, and yellow. His scarf and his coat are keeping him warm as he collects the leaves that are covering the driveway, but his toes are still freezing.

    Yup, he definitely hates this. Yet, there’s a reason why he’s out here, instead of hiding in his room and trying to get out of his chores like he usually would…

    The reason is a boy. A boy by the name of Castiel Novak. Castiel lives next door, and he’s one year older than Dean. Dean knows this because they both go to Lawrence High, and because he has seen the handsome blue-eyed guy with the dark disarranged hair around many times, even though he never had mustered the courage to actually talk to Castiel.

    Which is why Dean is currently out here, working his ass off; because Castiel is doing the exact same thing that Dean’s doing. Castiel is raking leaves in the front yard that belongs to the Novaks, while Dean is pretending to rake leaves in his own front yard, even though he’s mostly busy checking out Castiel’s ass.

    Dean knows he should be ashamed, but gorgeous boys like Cas are rare in this godforsaken town, and it’s hard to resist. Not like any of it would make a difference; Dean only dares to watch, and he knows that watching will never get him anywhere.

    After a while, Dean gives up on his pointless ogling. He sighs, a small cloud of fog escaping his mouth. His plan is to get this over with, so that he can get back inside where it’s warm. He decides to concentrate on raking leaves, and raking leaves alone.

    Once he’s feeling sweaty and his muscles begin to ache, he unceremoniously drops his rake, scowling at the giant piles of leaves that he doesn’t feel like picking up and putting into the garbage bags that his mom had provided him with. Dean slumps his shoulders and glances around absentmindedly.

    That’s when he notices that Castiel is still there. But Cas is no longer raking leaves either, because he is staring at Dean. He’s watching Dean, a subtle smile gracing his chapped lips.

    Their gazes meet, and Dean thinks of something witty to say, but draws a blank. Flirting with girls? Easy! Flirting with any guy who isn’t Castiel Novak? Piece of cake! But there is just something about those big blue eyes that always renders Dean speechless, which is a very unwelcome handicap when trying to impress someone…

    Reluctantly so, Dean turns his back on Cas. He can’t come up with something intelligent to say anyway, and so he decides that it would be wiser to ignore the other boy. He starts picking up the leaves and putting them in the empty bags, and he’s making great progress; he’ll be back inside to enjoy some hot chocolate in no time.

    That is until a deep gravelly voice startles him, throwing him off.

    “Hello, Dean.”

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    Anonymous asked: You know what’d be cute? team free will on a hunt, and right before they split up to investigate different things, dean/cas casually, absent-mindedly leans in and gives the other a quick peck/ ‘love you’ and doesn’t realize what just happened until a few minutes after, and starts to panic, while the other is just left stunned and blushing furiously by himself ;)

    Author’s note: Aww, I loved this prompt! Features Team Free Will, shipper!Sam, and a very flustered Dean and Cas. :)

    “Alright, this is the place… Let’s gank that son of a bitch and get it over with.” Dean said determinedly as he cracked open the door of the huge abandoned house that was supposedly haunted.

    It was starting to get dark outside, and Castiel shivered reflexively as he watched the oldest Winchester slip inside, immediately followed by Sam who had been right behind Dean. Castiel couldn’t help but feel anxious, because this was all so new. Granted, in his long existence, he had seen almost everything there was to see, but it was different now. Different, because Castiel was human. Not to mention, this was the first real hunt on which Dean had allowed Castiel to come along, and Cas was more than a little nervous…

    It was a routine ghost hunt, and after months and months of training, Dean had deemed Castiel ready to join the brothers on one of their simpler cases.

    “Hey, are you coming inside, Cas?” Sam poked his head around the door, and tilted it as a gesture for Castiel to come in.

    “Yes, of course. Sorry…” Castiel muttered, snapping out of his thoughts and dragging his feet up the porch steps which were creaking eerily with every step he took.

    Castiel hesitantly shuffled into the large, dusty hallway. It was fairly dark, and Dean turned on his flashlight just as Cas stepped inside.

    “Okay so, Sammy… You and Cas can search this floor, and I will look upstairs.” Dean ordered as he handed Sam a rock salt gun and clasped his younger brother on the shoulder. “The sooner we’re out of here, the better.” He muttered the last part under his breath, but it was still loud enough for Castiel to make out the words

    It appeared that Dean was particularly eager for this hunt to be over, and for a moment, Castiel worried if perhaps Dean was afraid that Castiel was going to screw things up…

    But then Dean took a step forward and gave his flashlight to Castiel, and Cas registered that Dean’s vibrant green eyes were definitely filled with worry, but that there were no traces of annoyance. Cas came to the conclusion that Dean wasn’t worried about the hunt going wrong because of Castiel, he was worried about Castiel’s wellbeing. Dean’s next words confirmed Cas’ theory.

    “Please just… Be careful, Cas. Alright?”

    Castiel did not get a chance to properly answer that, because all of the sudden Dean leaned in and pecked Castiel right on the lips, then turned around like it had been nothing out of the ordinary and casually jogged up the stairs to start his search.

    Sam was gaping at Castiel, then stared at where his brother had just disappeared. Castiel was certain that he was blushing furiously, and an army of butterflies exploded in his stomach as he dreamily gazed at the staircase that Dean had climbed less than a minute ago.

    “Did he just…?” Sam asked, squinting at Castiel, his mouth slowly slipping into a smirk.

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    "Woe unto you, ye souls depraved!
    Hope nevermore to look upon the heavens;
    I come to lead you to the other shore,
    To the eternal shades in heat and frost."
                                 - Inferno by Dante Alighieri

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    words i use in every sentence:

    • no
    • stop
    • dude
    • literally
    • like
    • seriously
    • fuck

    That’s a sentence right there

    Forwards and backwards

    You can rearrange them in any order and it’ll be a sentence

    ladies and gentlemen the extensive vocabulary of tumblr

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    God damn it Misha


















    Both includes misha?


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    oh my god

    everyone needs to see this video at least once in their life


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    Thank you for being with me!
    And yes, I had so much fun writing this post :DD

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    Guys my cousin Brooklyn is missing. He was last seen from the LL Bean store at Old Orchard mall in Skokie Ill. At 1:45 pm. If you’re in the area and know anything or see him please please call the police right away. Message me with any information you know. Please signal boost this so bloggers in the area can keep an eye out for him. Thank you

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    What do you mean this isn’t what happened?

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